Friday, February 8, 2013

Darth Vader and a Star Wars Alphabet?!

Its that time of the week! Its time to Geek out with star wars! In my search for the greatness that is star wars I have scoured pinterest and I know bring you cookie cutters! I so need to get my hand on these cute little star wars cookie cutter because no Sunday afternoon can go with out baking star war cookies. Yoda would be quite disappointed in me.

                                                                       Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

 I am rating this post! G for Geek.

This might not have anything to do with cookies but this picture just melt my heart when I saw it! Ooohh, Darth Vader with his little Darth Vader princess. Now I just want to have a little girl to dress her up as Pink Darth Vader Princess of the Dark side

                                                                      Source: via Molly on Pinterest

I know for a fact that you want R2-D2 shoes! I am come on they are the rage now. I so need to make a pair of these for myself.

Tell me can you name them all? I bring you the star war Alphabet!!! Give it a try and tell me how far you got.

                      If you are not a super geek and need a cheat sheet come  here it is!

Source: via Filipe on Pinterest

Okay , all I have to say is Yum! I would love to see this in my cereal in the morning  I  only dreams came true.

Source: via Sam on Pinterest

Never mind I take it all back I want these star wars heels instead!! They are the perfect color and high to me to wear. Now to find my modge podge and star wars comic.

Can I pull this dress off? Let me tell you that I can and I will!

Source: via Summer on Pinterest

Yes, it is abuse but he looks so CUTE!!!!!! I so need to make on for my little puppy.

Well enough on the cuteness and now I am off to clean something.

Till next time keep it crafty!

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