Friday, November 30, 2012

Nail Polish Swap goodies

I recently participated in a nail polish swap and its always nice to get a surprise gift in the mail. The nail polish swap was being hosted by Katlyn from The Dreamy Meadow. I just love her blog name its so calming when I ready it out loud. 

My swap was from Ronda and she sent me a nail polish orange/red and a very nice hand cream which I keep in my purse now. 

I wanted to thank her for the wonderful gifts. If you ever get the opportunity to do a swap, I would say go for it. I have participated in a few swaps and in only one instance did I never receive a anything. As in life if you don't take a chance you will never know. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Come and join me tomorrow to see my first Christmas tag!

Happy Holiday's

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Ornaments Tutorials!

Every year I go out and purchase one or two new ornaments but this year I wanted to make a few with my little monster so I set forth for inspiration on pinterest. Do you want to see what I found?

                                                                                   Source: via Diana on Pinterest
I so wished I would have remembered to save all my keys but then again its never too late to start now. 

Of course one of my past ornaments is a paper flower ornament. You can see the tutorial over here

I found this cute honeycomb ornament tutorial over at Amazing Paper Grace. I might just give this a try. 

How about these lovelies for about a dollar each made from materials from your local michael's, joann's and walmart! I just love the little red robin. 

You can make this lovely star by just creasing it. You can even use it for tags on your gift this holiday season. 

Ornaments are just a fun away to make your tree all about your family. I find that ornaments tell the story of your family through the years.  I can't wait to make new memories this year with my little monster. 

Happy Holiday's

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Ribbon Covered Flower Pot

I just love bringing in the out doors into the home with some Christmas inspiration.  I purchased these two cute little trees at Trader Joe's because we have a fake Christmas tree at home and I wanted to have the smell of a real tree. However, instead of finding one tree, I got two! The little trees are too fragile for me to put any decoration on them this year, so I decided to decorate the flower pots with Christmas ribbon.

I got the Christmas ribbon over at Michael's and I hot glued it to the flower pot. I think it fits perfectly in my home now and it does not look out of place. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. 

Till next time,

Monday, November 26, 2012

Framed Calendar DIY

I don't know about you but my mommy brain is not what it use to be. Its hard to keep up with all the post I have to do or the activities I have planned. I came up with a great solution, a framed calendar which would look nice anywhere in my home.
The first thing I did was go to the salvation army and got this gorgeous frame for only$7.50. 

Now that I had the frame I went out and got picture frames at Aaron's brother and they had the black and white sale going on and I got four pairs of frames that look like Polaroid photographs. Each set came with 9 Polaroid frames.
I was able to use a washboard marker to write on the frames. The great thing is that I could always erase anything that I wrote on them.

I am using sticky note to attach on the white picture frames and replace them the next month which is fast approaching with Christmas DIY on the works. The framed calendar is stylish enough to be up anywhere in your home and you don't have a plain all calender. You might also notice that I only have the five days of the week up and that is because I try to post five days. The weekends is all about family.  Now I can keep up with my blog post.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Guest Post: Nicole with Paint Dipped Pinecones

I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving and now the Christmas decoration begins. Here is the first holiday day decor post by Nicole from Design it Girl.  She has the cutest pinecone tutorial!       

Interior Designer, love all butterflies, I love to write poems, and love to upcycle. I am a mom of three, between work, teens, blogging, & designing my day is long, but a soulful one...I am still developing my craft and enjoy every minute. I have a great passion for chairs, and love to refurbish furniture. I currently own 60+ chairs and can't wait to refurbish each one. I have a full time job working for the Government., and three beautiful teenagers. Join me on my creative venture! Everyday is an inspiring day "Keeping It Green" that's my motto.

Paint Dipped Pinecones for the Holidays

It's that time of year folks, and I can not believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and Christmas is around the corner. I love the Holidays and I really love Christmas shopping. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and to be thankful for what we have and to appreciate those who love us unconditionally. 

The latest; Pine cone decorating... Designers, and Grafter's are now dipping Pinecones in their favorite colors. I think its cool and gives them a vintage look with a Modern twist. I love decorating in bright colors and this year I plan to decorate my home with pretty colors like: Pink, PurpleOrange, White, Moss Green, baby Blue and Yellow. I can't wait to share. 

Here is my short tutorial: How to dip Pinecones:

Turning out awesome! Wait until you see the
ones with fairy dust glitter...

Things you need:
1. Pinecones
2. Paint
3. Wire (to wrap around Pine cone for easy dipping)
4. Paint (or spray paint)
5. Wax paper
6. Ribbon


Thing to do:
1. Wrap Pinecone with wire then dip your Pinecone into paint, let drip try by placing over wax paper, or hang over paint can for approximately one minute to remove excess paint. 
2. Place on wax paper  allow to dry completely for about 15-30 minutes (this is the time to sprinkle on glitter before it dries completely if you want to have a few with a little sparkle).
3. Tie a beautiful ribbon, then hang or place in a bowl, and display

Loving the Pink!

I am so excited and happy the way these babies turned out!
What do you think? cute right?
I love Pinecones, great for hanging
or in a bowl to display.

You could never go wrong with Purple!!!
This is my all time favorite color.

Painted Pinecone Forest

PinkPinkPink can't get enough.
adding a little dazzle to a Holiday craft

This is a great DIY project, and the colors are endless...

thanks for stopping by...

xoxo- Nicole

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Guest posting is Lisa for Sabor a Cajeta with Candle holder wraps.

I am happy to introduce Lisa from Sabor a Cajeta. She has made lovely little candle holder covers/wraps that are just so easy to make for anytime of the year.  Here is her story.

My passion for sewing began when I was a child. I would see both my mom and abuelita (grandma) sewing these beautiful garments and I wanted to do the same. So I did. I began sewing for my barbies, my dolls and soon enough I was sewing clothes for me. When I was in High School my mom helped me make all my formal gowns. I loved that what I wore was unique, that I wouldn't be caught wearing the same thing some other girl was wearing (and believe me it happened to several of my friends). Then when I was in college I began to sew more and more for me, my room, and eventually my wedding gown (That is the piece of clothing I am most proud of. It was lovely, simple, unique).

Though I didn't completely stop sewing after I got married, I did stop sewing for me. Instead I would sew things like curtains, pillows, bed comforters- you name it, anything to decorate my house. It wasn't until I became a mami that I began to really feel that urge to sew once more. For my little ones. For their friends.

With my little ones I also began to work on more crafts (something I've always loved, but had also put on hold). And because they love it so much, every day I find myself thinking of new ways to keep them entertained.

And that is how this blog was born, to share with others out there my passion for sewing, to share ideas, and yes let's not forget- to post as many photos as I can (another passion of mine ;).

Why Sabor a Cajeta?
Cajeta is very similar to caramel, but made with goats milk. It is deliciously rich, there for one of our favorite things to eat. We add it to everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Milk, smoothies, waffles, pancakes, ice cream, coffee and the list goes on.
Sabor can have several meanings: Flavor or taste. In this case I use it as in the Flavor of Cajeta. The sweet flavor of life.

Fall Inspired Votive's

All the craziness and preparation of Halloween and Dias de Los Muertos is over. Now it's the time to
do some simple fall decorating around my house. I decided to begin by making some decorative fall
inspired votive's.

They truly couldn't be any easier to make. All you need are some glass jars (I like to save those that
come with store bought candles), pretty trims, and a glue gun. That's it!

To make cut your trim to fit the size of your glass, make sure you leave some room for the trim to over
lap. Glue one end, wrap around and finish by gluing the other end.

Tadah! Listo!

Now time to decorate your house.

Happy Fall Crafting!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Big Bang Theory Holiday gifts for Geeky friends

Whoever you might be, we all have that one geeky friend and we want to give something they love for the holidays. Well you don't have to look too far! 
If you have not watch The Big Bang theory then you are missing out. Its funny and so true at the same time, so if you have not watch it yet, you should really give it a try. They have the most recent episodes over at The first thing on my list for your geeky friends is...


If you have watch The big bang theory you know where this is coming from. 
Here the video to put a smile on your face.

You can  have a Sheldon on your computer just staring at you.  I promise he wont be too creepy. 

Or how about a whole cast of The Big Bang Theory bubble heads saying yes to your every command. 

How about a book about The Big Bang Theory.

Or how about The Big Bang Theory game?! I have this one on my Christmas list and I hope I find it under my tree this year.

Now that you have your list, you can find all this wonderful present for under $20! I know its a steal. I hope you stop by tomorrow, I am going to have some good present ideas from the TV show Doctor who. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Six more days of Flektor watch pictures

I have six more day of Flektor watch pictures into my life and a few pictures actually have sneak peaks into my Christmas craft that I have been working on.  I hope to be sharing them with you really soon! Can you imagine that already I am seeing Christmas commercials on TV and some stores actually have Christmas songs playing. I am a little ahead of myself too because I already started decorating my dinning room table for the holidays. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite Holidays and I just love decorating the entire apartment.  

Day 12 of Flektor watch.
I am known for doing things backward mostly because I am a lefty, I like to think. So I am going to do the count down instead. 

Let me tell you a little secret. When I was a child I had a difficult time in first grade because I was left handed and I wrote my name backwards and I also ended up putting my Santa backwards too. His shoes where in the wrong leg and his hands too. I came home crying and I was really sad because I did not know what I did wrong for Santa to look so bad.  My mom sat down with me and took Santa apart and we glued him back the right way. My life as child was not easy but that was the best memory I have with my mom, to this day it always puts a smile on my face. 

Day 11 Flektor watch. Can you guess what this flowers are attached to? 

Day 10 flektor watch. Just purchased my ribbon for my tree. I try to buy new ribbon every year, this year ribbon is kind of vintage.

Day 9 of Flektor watch. Can you guess what show I am watching? I'll  give you a clue... Nerds!

Day 8 of Flektor is about my lovely family.

You can imagine what Day 7 of Flektor was all about.

Till Next Time,
 p.s. If you are on Instagram come and follow me to see other pics @ LiveLoren.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Six days of Flektor watch pictures!

 I know you have all been waiting for the Flector pictures I have been taking the last couple of day. Just in case you did don't know what a Flektor watch is Click here for the recap! 

As we are all aware the holidays season are just around the corner and I have been working on DIY and tags. I am sorry I have not posted in couple of days but I am back in full swing of things. I'm super excited to start showing you the new wonderful thing I have ready to show your for Christmas season. 

So do you want to see all the thing that I love?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recap on 31 days of Halloween Tags and The Flektor!

If you missed any of my tags for the last 31 days of Halloween tags here is a recap of what you might have missed.