Friday, August 31, 2012

Pinterest Light Boxes

We are all love looking at Pinterest and one topic which I love looking for is lighting for photographing. I am still developing my photographing skills and I am always looking for way to light my projects. Here are a few good ideas for a light box.

I am so going to try this because I can only take pictures at night when my little little monster is sleeping. Its really hard to take pictures during the day and using the natural light. 

I tried doing the Ikea hacked light box but they no longer have the hampers to make this light box. Its still a wonderful idea. 

I hope this helps you as much as it did to me.

Till Monday,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things you can do with Darth Vader

Have you ever wondered what crafts you can do with Darth Vader? Well, if you have not you should really think about it. Here is what I found in Pinterest!

If I ever have a little girl I will so do this!!  Let me introduce Darth Vader Pink Princess.

Who would not like a Darth Vader Pinata!! I wonder if I am to old for one.

I so need to get these, who would not want to eat Darth Vader smores?


I really don't know why I did not think of this when I had my little monster. 

I don't drink coffee but I would so start just to buy this Latte. If you now how to do this, you are so awesome! 

Hope you had as much fun as I did looking at Darth Vader! 

Till Next Time,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7 Question Wednesday Bold!

7Q's Wednesday are back! Let's see what weird thing I had to say today.

1. Bold or Understated?

I rather be bold than be understated any day. Why, should you be like everyone else?

2. You have to survive alone in the wild and you only get to take one thing with you. Your choices are: A Pocket Knife, a Water Bottle, or a Book. Which do you choose and why?

I choose a pocket knife because I need something to defend myself and to hunt for food with.

I found this awesome knife at amazon and I just love it! 

3. Thirty Two Cows, Seven Eight Chickens, How Many Didn't?

** scratch, scratch** I have no idea!

4. Would you rather die doing one legendary act of service or do small acts of kindness that may go unnoticed every day?

I would rather do a legendary act of service, we all want to be remembered. 

5. Happiness is ________. (one word; fill in the blank)


6. Can you laugh with out smiling?

No, it would be really hard to try not to smile while you are laughing. 

7. Do you pop your knuckles?

I don't like to pop my knuckles and it bothers me when others do it. It just sends a shiver down my spine. 

Question are part of 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


What do you thing about my glasses? I bet you did not know that I wear glasses. I do! A couple of years back I was in front of the computer 40 hours a week and my eyes where not too happy with me. So I had to get glasses to keep the headaches away. However, buying glasses can cost you and arm an leg of a very nice pair! Trust me you always look better in the more expensive one but now offer cheap and fashionable glasses online.

My current glasses cost me over $100 and I found a similar pair for only $58 on I know what you are thinking, what about trying on eyeglasses? We all want to make sure we look good with them one right? GlassesUSA has a virtual mirror which allows you to try them on!!

The first thing you do is choose your gender.

Then you have the option of choosing how to get a picture in the mirror. 

Here is how I look with my virtual new pair of glasses online

I've always wanted to purple eyeglasses but they are so hard to find in my style. I guess I know where I am going to get my next pair of glasses. 

GlassesUSA offer high quality glasses frames and lenses, they also offer a 110% lowest price guarantee and 100%  satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program. 

Do you want new glasses? School is starting soon and do your kiddos need new glasses? GlassesUSA has two great offers right now! Take 15% off your order and get free shipping on orders over $50 by using code FS15 store wide!
Or take 10% prescription  frames using code Blog10.

Now go have fun at GlassUSA virtual mirror!!

Till next time,

Disclosure: {This is a sponsored paid post.  All opinions are 100% mine.}

Monday, August 27, 2012

Halloween Bookshelf Curtains

A while back I made bookshelf curtains to go with the decor of my apartment now I used the same technique but I have a new set of curtains.
Can you guess what's on my mind?

You guessed it, Halloween!!! I love Halloween and I can't wait to fully decorate my home. 

Adding the curtain is an easy way to add a little bit of holiday in a subtle way.  It super easy to make, you can see the tutorial here.

I got the cute spider fabric from Joann's. I saw it and I knew I had to have it, don't forget to have your Joann's coupon handy. 

Bookshelf curtains are a super easy way to decorate and to hide your mess. 

Till next time!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Halloween Tags a little early

I am participating on the Tim Holtz 12 tag of 2012 and since Halloween its on my mind 24/7 I decided to to a Halloween tag. As you might already now I just love Halloween and can't wait to show you  all the new craft that I am planning. 

I used a Michaels dollar frame and removed the backing so the stamp would be displayed on the tag.  I used  distress ink pad for most of the tag. 

I hope you liked my sneak peek into what coming up soon for Halloween!!!

Till Later 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Restoring a Dresser

Please help me welcome David who is guest posting! Come and take a look at what would do on restoring a dresser. 

Author Bio:  David Morrison has been a husband for fifteen years and a home maker for even longer.  A self-proclaimed DIY enthusiast, David has had to learn the ropes of the renovation industry through the spillages and breakages of his two young children.  He is far more comfortable with a power drill in his hand than a guitar or a paintbrush, and currently works for UK Tool Centre in Jersey.

Restoring an Old Dresser
Restoring an old dresser to working order can be done if you want to refinish the surface. A
dresser may have many drawers, a series of shelves, and even doors. Updating the look of the
dresser is a task that you can do by first preparing the furniture before you begin the project.
The first step is to examine the piece of furniture to see if there are any protruding nails or
screws. Your dresser may also have joints that are secured with glue. Pull out the drawers and
see if there is any type of hardware used to secure the wood or if glue was used. Open the
doors and see if the hinges are loose or are missing hardware.
Hinges that are loose will need to be rehung on the dresser. Open the door and check to see if
you need to use a special screwdriver. You may need a flat head screwdriver or a Phillips
head. Match the tip end of the screwdriver with the head of the screw to ensure the right size.
You need to press the tip end of a screwdriver into the screw and turn to the left. This should
break the screw free.
Clean the hinge to remove any dirt and grime to prepare it to be set back in place. You may
find that the screw holes are too big for the screws. One way to fix this is to use toothpicks.
Dip a toothpick in wood glue and insert them into the hole. Trim the ends flush and then
reattach the hinges. Tighten any screws securing the shelving supports for the dresser. If any
screws are stripped, then remove and replace with brass screws.
Shelving that has begun to sag means that there is a lack of suitable support. This can easily
be fixed if you add a batten to the back. This is a small strip of wood that is used to would up
the shelf. You need to measure the width of the cabinet and then cut a one-half inch wide
strip of wood. Drill a series of holes in the wood for pins. Apply wood glue to the wood
before you add the pins.
Old knobs on your dresser can easily be replaced with updated cream porcelain or even black
metal. You may need to add a hole to the door to secure a new knob with a screw. Tighten
screws with a screwdriver. Handles on your furniture can also be replaced with porcelain
knobs for a uniform look to the piece.
If you decide to refinish your dresser, then the original paint needs to be removed. You can
also remove old layers of paint to display the original color of the wood. This is done by
using a chemical stripper to peel off the paint. Wipe the surface with a cloth to remove any
residue. Once the natural wood color has been restored, you then need to apply a coat of
beeswax to create a new finish.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We finally got to go the dog beach!! My puppy has been a little down because he is always stuck in the house. Its hard to go for walk with my puppy and my son at the same time because they both want to go in different directions. 

My puppy had a blast! He was running around with other dogs and just jumping into the waves. He had a grin all the way home.

Another big thing happened last week my little monster is now sleeping in his big boy bed! At first we thought it was going to be horrible. We thought he was never going to stay in his bed and that he would want to be with us on our bed all the time. However, after the first night we had no problem sleeping in his bed and staying there! He is getting to be a big boy, it's sad and a joy to see. Its true what they say they grow up too fast. 

Till Later,

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bird Cages Chandelier

I've been wanting a chandelier for quite a while now but since I live in an apartment it really isn't something I can have. Then I had this idea!
I have been holding on to the bird cages for a while now. I got them in the spring during a Michael's sale. I just fell in love with the bird cages and had to buy them. The problem was that I did not have anywhere to place to display them. At the time it did not go with my current decor, that was until now. The bird cages where all different sizes which was perfect for a chandelier! 

I had to first paint them all the same color. I decided to use a cherry red spray paint. The three things I always use during spray painting is drop cloth, cardboard and a mask. The last thing I wanted to do is paint the patio red. 

It took about three coats to cover all the bird cages. Once they dried I use two different kind of ribbons, I use a thin red ribbon to attache the smaller bird cages to the larger one. Then I use a thicker red ribbon to hang from the ceiling. 

Now I just need to go buy some tea lights and a lighter to light it all up! It's a simple bird cage chandelier. 

Till Later,

Friday, August 10, 2012

Recap of a reupholstering

One cloudy day we found this lonely, awkward looking chair by the dumpster. I just saw the potential and the beauty this chair could bring to my home. We took it in and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into! 

We knew nothing of reupholstering and we found more bad news as we when we removed the fabric!
All of the foam was dusty and by just looking at it the chair made me itch. We decided to remove very thing from the chair. All was left was the frame, nails and springs.


Then the long journey to reupholstering began. It took about a month of long nights and hard work to finish the chair. I looked at other blogs and I could not find references to help with the process. Most blogs  only had the before and after pics, so I decided to step by step tutorials for those who might need a little guidance in reupholstering.

 I go threw step by step on how we attached the foam to the frame. You can see my hubby hard at work. 

When all was said and done here it how it looks like with the foam was stapled to the frame. 

I think the easiest part of the chair was gluing the decorative trim to the chair.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my journey with taking this chair from blah to glam. After this chair I don't think there is anything I can't do! I can't wait to hear what you all have to say.

Links to the tutorials