Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bath Salts Singles with Kayla **Guest Post**

Hey everyone, I'm Kayla from I'm super happy to meet you all and do this guest post! I'm a graphic designer by day who loves crafting, creating, and just having fun. Stop by my site for free printables, more tutorials and lots of other crazy stuff!!

Remember that conference I went to a while back? Well, one of the coolest things about it was that at breakfast we were served toast with mini jams. Oh no, not those plastic squares of jam you get in a diner. These were in teeny tiny glass jars! Needless to say I stuffed a bunch in my purse and came home with a little collection.

I knew that I had to do SOMETHING awesome with these. But I didn't know what. They're a bit too big for lipgloss, and too small for most other things. Then, I saw this post on Renewed Upon a Dream. Oooh, bath salts! I love bath products. Its actually pretty painful because in our current home we only have a shower. You're going to think I'm nuts but more than once I've sat in a 30 gallon tote on the shower floor just to relax a little. =P
More than just the salts, I loved the idea of different colors/jars! But, it would take me years to go through three jars of bath salt, and one jar doesn't get the mixed color/scent. Enter those adorable little jam jars! These buggers are just the right size for one bath. So, I can give them away in a 3 pack sampler that allows my dear ones to get all of the colors/scents!!

What You Need:

  • Epsom salts. Check the sore muscle aisle. DO NOT use rock or table salt. Its not the same chemical make up.
  • Essential oils / soap scents. I got mine online and at craft stores ~$3.
  • Soap colors.
  • Jars!
  • Paint (To paint lids)

How To Make It:

  1. This is just too easy. It could be SO CUTE for a little one to make bath salts for mommy! Pour the salt into a bowl.
  2. Add a few drops of the scent. Use a whisk to mix it around. Make it a little stronger than you'd think. The smell will dissapate in the water. I used Cucumber Melon and Angel Food Cake.
  3. Add a few drops of color. I made green for the Melon and brown for the Angel Food Cake. Use the whisk to mix it. If needed, add more.
  4. Clean your glass bottles with warm water, a razor blade to scrape off the goo from the labels, and nail polish remover to remove the sticky residue.
  5. Paint the lids of the jars. I used spraypaint because it was faster. =P
  6. Once the bottles/lids are ready, spoon your mixture into the jars. Add the lids.
  7. I went ahead and printed teeny little labels for the jars. You could easily just leave them bar, or tie a pretty tag to the top.
  8. DONE! Now there is a cute sampler of bath salts!
Thank you Kayla for her guest post, I had so much making my own bath salts!! I hope you all enjoyed the tutorial!

Till Next Time!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My First Trip to Comic Con San Diego

I had the great pleasure of going to San Diego Comic Con last minute. My hubby's good friend was able to get us tickets so we could go for one day. I had a blast, it was exciting looking around and seeing so many different things. At one end of the convention you have the artist alley, at the other end you have all the vendors and in the middle you have all the movie displays that are coming out next year. We saw so much my eyes were not able to take in everything. We had our son for the event and he was really well behaved, however, the people there would walk all over your child. I found myself almost punching a couple of people for not noticing where they were walking and almost walking all over my child. We did not have a stroller with us due to the move and had to carry him through most of the convention. We actually had to avoid the movie display for the most part because that's where most people where concentrated. On top of that my sister just told me that next year they wont be allowing strollers in the convention center. However, my lil monster will be turning three and he will have a lot more fun next year. We saw a couple of awesome customes at the convention.

The most exciting part for me of the day was seeing Nathan Fillion from Firefly and Castle! His line to get an autograph was huge and I was not able to get in it. It will have to wait till next time but it was great seeing him. He was sitting in the Iron Man 3 display, I am still wondering why? Maybe he will be in it... or not. 

We also saw the Walking Dead TV display and took some pictures. My sister is a fan of the show and we could not help but show off just a little, hehe. 

We also stopped by the Hobbit display,which was almost close to impossible to get near. It was so crowded it was hard to get any pictures. My lil monster was scared of Gollum, he was trembling in my arms when we were trying to take a picture with Gollum because he looked that real! I can't wait till the hobbit comes out in theaters it should be a fantastic movie. 

We had a blast at the con and now I know why people need multiple days to go to the San Diego Comic Con.  
I am still in the process of moving into our apartment, we have been living in a hotel almost a week and it has not been fun. We have been under a lot of stress and very little sleep. Our little one does not sleep the entire night and then sneaks into our bed at night and our puppy hates being stuck in the hotel. Soon we will be in our new home and the excitement of making our new apartment feel like a home begins. I already have ideas for the decor.

Till Later!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Wipe Storage for Inks

 We were in the process of moving from Texas to California and I had to figure out how to store my inks so if one broke they will not spill all over everything. I started looking through the apartment to see what would be good to fix my problem and, of course since i have a 21 month old,  I have plenty of baby wipes containers that sparked my idea! Why not just use the baby wipe container to keep all of my inks while they are being transported.

I have over 50 different kind of ink and I packed each one individually in their own little bag to make sure if one broke they will not get all over the other inks. 

They fit perfectly in the baby wipe container! They container is also sturdy enough to take any punishment from the move. I have get to find out how the ink did, but once I do I will let you know.

My next problem was how to store my many cute tags that I have made. All of our belongings where being packed by the movers I wanted to pre-pack certain thing to make sure they will survive the move. I know from past experience that moving companies don't take great care of your items.
I again went in search around my apartment for something water proof of sorts and sturdy enough that it won't bend in trasport and I came to the same conclusion, baby wipe container.

I know you are probably looking at my cute socks right, but really you should be looking at the baby wipe container I used to keep my tags safe. If you have a small child at home and you are moving than likely you have plenty of wipe containers at home. If you don't have a child and would like any old reason to buy wipes, then let me list a few. 
You can use wipes for craft projects, 
cleaning your car, 
cleaning your dogs paws after a rainy day
and even
cleaning your shoes after a run.
See you have a few reason to go buy some wipes. 

I stored all my tags that were decorated into the smaller container. I am crossing my fingers everything gets there okay. 
Once I am settled back at our new apartment I will get into decorating the containers. I did not want to decorate them before the move because I did not want them to get damaged. I can't wait to show you all the new look of the baby wipes container all decked out! 
I hope you all have a wonderful week. 
See you tomorrow!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Part Two of Our Love Story

After reconnecting after so many years of being apart we decided to have a long distance relationship. At first it was exciting and new. We talked every night and texted all day but it soon got old and lonely. We could not continue be so far apart from each other.  A year later I moved in with him from NYC to what I thought was middle of nowhere Texas( *Hubby Note* it was Dallas!  how is that the middle of nowhere?!). Fast forward to three years later we were getting ready to get married when 3 days before our wedding I found out we were pregnant with our wonderful little boy. (Oh by they way, he really did not ask me to marry him, he said I better marry him! haha. He spent a long time perfecting his proposal. He made me a cover of a comic book as part of the proposal. The proposed to me at my favorite comic shop )

As soon as I found out I called my mother and she was over joyed to know she was going to be a grandmother. Now I needed to tell my hubby. I really did not know what he was going to say. I picked up the phone and called him and I told him he needs to come home right away. He kept asking me "what's wrong" and I just told him that he really needs to come home. Ten minutes later he is at the door (*Hubby note* She took the car that day so i had to run over a mile to get home). I am sitting at the couch and I tell him to come over and sit next to me. He says "No, tell me whats wrong now". I said "I am trying to, please sit down next to me". He still refuses to sit down till I tell him what's wrong. I stood up and blurt it out, I am pregnant. At that moment I see his eyes roll to the back of his head and his entire body sway backwards. I go up to him and hold him. I just stood there for minute to make sure he was not going to faint on me and tell him to say something! He looks at me and says "This is this a good thing, right?" I told him yes and he was relieved but said "You don't look to happy, but I am very happy that your pregnant". It was a big unexpected surprise to say the least.  I was in shock for quite a while. 

Guess what happens next, 8 months later I find out that we will be moving back to NY! ( Hubby Note* She always mentioned how great it would be to have our families around and missed NY and wished our son could be born in NY so I did what I could to make it happen).

We moved one month before I gave birth to our son.  We were really happy that our family was present for our son's birth. It was something I wanted to share with all of them.
After my son's birth the doctor came in for his night visit and my husband was not present, as the doctor walked in I saw his expression change when he looked at me and my son. I had a darker complexion when I was pregnant and my son was a white as snow. I just looked at him and told him, "Yes he is mine". The doctor just smiled and did his routine.
I was very happy to be in NY at first, I had my family and my hubby's family helping me with my very first child. I was very blessed to have both grandmas helping me take care of my little treasure. However, as time went by we found out that we no longer were New Yonkers. Life is hard in NY and so are the people, plus the cost of leaving was very expensive. We decided after 8 months of living in NY that we has had enough. I had also gotten postpartum depression after my son's birth in NY. I believe it was due to being alone all the time and the stress of having to take care of a new life all by myself. Our families where 4 hours away and they could only do so much for us. We loved having them closer than we did in Texas, but NY was no longer our home.

We moved back to Texas and I thought it would be our last stop for a while. Texas was good to me this time around. I have made wonderful friends and Texas is where I started my blog about DIY and crafts.
Now one year and one month to date its that time again to go on another adventure. We are now moving to San Diego,California! Its a new chapter in our lives and I hope with it, new inspiration for my crafts.
I hope you enjoyed taking this little journey with me, see you in San Diego!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

First part of Our Love Story

Moving is not a fun experience. I've moved once a year for the past two years and it still does not seem to get any easier. We always seem to have some kind of snag that comes from nowhere. which leads me to tell you the story of my son's birth and how I moved from NYC to Texas to NY to Texas and now to San Diego. 
It all started almost  9 years ago in college. I had a roommate named Ruth and she was a graphic design student while I was taking biological studies in school. She would hang out with four other guys she met also in her major. She was really close to them and was always telling me about them. She also would ask me if I wanted to hang out with her and the guys, but I always said no. However, one day I said why not I feel bad telling her no all the time... and that's when I saw him. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen and spiky blond hair with abs to die for (hubby note* i don't remember those). He was just talking with his friends playing on a ledge outside by the cafeteria. I felt the blood rush to my head and back down to my toes. I could not even look anyone in the eye because I was afraid everyone could see right through me to my desires.   During the entire meal I kept my eyes down and barely spoke to anyone. It did not help that I am extremely shy with new people(Hubby note* She says that but she puts on her "New Yorker face" which i always took as she didn't want to talk because she was pissed off heh). During the next year I would get the same rush of blood and heat every time I saw him walking through the campus. I never said anything to him besides hello the entire year. 

However, things changed the following year my roommate Ruth no longer lived on campus, but she always came to visit. She stopped by my room and said hi and we talked about everything that was going on in our lives.During the conversation she mentioned that Ed said that I looked very nice. I said Oooh, that's sweet of him. I told her to tell him that he looks good too. Ruth gave me a weird look and said nothing more of it. Ruth said if I would like to go out to dinner with her and the boys. I said sure that would be fun, but I was in for a big surprise that night. 
I met everyone at the Pizza hut/KFC on campus we were all just getting our orders when Ruth met me by the soda fountain and said in a fast, hushed voice "I told Ed that you like him and and want to go out with him."  As she said that Ed was coming right behind her with a big smile(*Hubby note* Ruth, in fact, never said that to me). My mouth just popped open and I froze in place. I was in shock! All i could do was shake my head and walk to my seat. 

I sat by the end of the table because I hoped I would not be noticed and concentrated on eating my food. My stomach was in knots and I just wanted a hole to open up and swallow me whole. Just as I thought things would not get any worse, from across the table he asked me a question and I just looked at him and I saw everyone just turn in my direction and stare at me. At that moment I really wanted an asteroid to hit the earth an end all life as we know it. Yes, I am a little dramatic.

As the night went on I felt a little comfortable and Ed and I started talking and enjoying each other's company. A relationship started to develop, or so I thought. Ed had just gotten out of a long relationship and was not ready to be in another one (*Hubby note* It really was the worst relationship i could have imagined yet oddly i fought so hard to keep it together.  Without going into much detail i was very sick and had to return home from college and she was not even remotely loyal, but the transition from high school to college is a difficult time for relationships). I tried to understand but felt a little hurt because I really liked him and I thought I was falling in love with him (*Hubby Note* I knew that i liked her a lot, but i was not in a state of mind to be the person i wanted to for her). We parted as friends, but for some reason he was always at the back of my mind. We all have that one person that just got away. They always pop into our mind once in while, that was Ed for me.(*Hubby note* She was that one for me)

Once I year I would call him or text him to see how he was doing. During our conversation the big question would come up which was if either of us was attached to someone. It seemed that one of us was always in a relationship.
We all know that the story does not end there. In 2006 around March I had just gotten out of a bad break up and I was just a mess. I felt so alone with no one to talk to that I decided to call Ed. I was just a mess and was crying and sobbing. Ed just listened to me and was sweet and understanding and so very supportive. Mind you, this is a girl he had not seen in over two years and barely knew but life has a plan for everything. 
As time went on we continued to talk more and more each day. We were starting to get to know each other all over again. However, this time around I was being very cautious with my feelings because I was afraid of getting my heart stepped on again. Imagine this, he has a different plan. After talking for about a month he tells me he loves me! He told me this on instant messenger while I was riding the bus home from school. Once again he made my jaw drop and I could not breath! What could I say?! I was guarding my heart and here he was knocking at the door with his heart in hand. I spent the entire bus ride staring at the screen not knowing what to write. I knew he wanted and answer back and he deserved one but what could I say?
Of course I went with my heart than my head and I told him I loved him too. From that moment on it was a whirlwind romance.


Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Random Friday on Sunny day

I've been super busy getting ready for our big move and I won't be able to do very big projects but I hope to  share my adventure of moving with you all. Here are some random picture I took while in San Diego. Of course my little man sleeping is the best one. He just melts my heart when he sleeps. It was the first time we have share our bed with him and it was cute at first. However, its not something I would do again. Let just say that when he woke up at 3 am when he was a newborn was not fun and now almost two years later is still not enjoyable. 

While sight seeing we saw an awesome car. I just love classic cars and I hope to one day when I retire to own one. What I wouldn't do to ride in one with the wind in my hair enjoying the sights. Maybe one day when I am rich. 

We found this cute little cottage hidden away, it looks so cute. It reminds me of the red ridding hood grandmothers house. I just love all flower around it and they have a perfect view of the ocean. There lives a very lucky person. 

Till Next time,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunny San Diego

I am sorry I have not had enough time to post much of anything, but I have a very good excuse!! I am moving from Texas to sunny San Diego. We went apartment hunting last weekend and we had a good time. We went out to the beach and relaxed for a little while. Just looking out at the ocean relaxes me. It made me so happy and I just love the sweet salty smell. I grew up by the ocean as a child and every weekend we would go out swimming. I have the most wonderful memories when it comes to the ocean. I can't wait to share some wonderful memories with my son. Of course I took a lot of pictures, want to see some?! 
I bet you do, hehe.

Imagine walking up to the beach and this is the first thing you see. Around us there were couples sitting by the grass just snuggling watching the sunset. 

I love taking pictures of the two men in my life that I love more than anything. They looked so cute walking hand in hand down the beach.

If you notice I do have long pants on at the beach, the reason for this is that we decided to go last minute because my little monster was just bouncing off the walls at the hotel and he was not happy there. We just jumped in the car and drove to the beach. Then we were not supposed to get in the water but that did not happen. So my jeans got wet all the way to my knees. Trust me its not a fashion statement, but I do look cute, hehe.  

We got to go the Seal Cove in San Diego and I just loved it. It was the best part of the entire trip.

I can't travel with out taking my craft supplies. I packed only the essentials and those that wont get flagged at the airport. Most of my supplies are Tim Holtz products.

My little man wanted to help me do some crafting but his idea of crafting are not the same as mine, haha.  

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. I can't wait to show you all the tags I've been working on. 

Till next time!