Monday, August 6, 2012

Tips for traveling with a toddler

We have been stuck in a hotel with my little monster for 5 days and he has been bounding off the walls. The time difference between Dallas and San Diego is 2 hours which has also not helped. I've been trying to figure out ways to keep him entertained while we are in the hotel room. 

The first thing is that new toys are always lil monster approved. New toys, as any parent knows, is key to keeping our children entertained. We went out and got our little monster three toys that he picked out at Marshall's.  They were not super expensive and they have toys for all ages. We also brought with us toys from home for his bathtime.  Bath time is always another way to keep your little toddler entertained.

Night time can also be a challenge when your child does not have all the things of comfort from home. I decided to bring with us all his favorite books to read to him at night. One of his favorite book's is The Ernie and Bert Book which happens to be my hubby's favorite as child as well. He actually has his copy from childhood that momma in-law sent us.

One key thing you will need if you have a small child are outlet covers (I am having a brain fart moment and I can't for the life of me remember the correct name! I guess that is what happens you get little sleep).

Of course we could not forget his woof woof and blanket. Every child while growing up has some kind of teddy bear they take with them everywhere they go which in one form or another is comforting to them. Woof Woof usually never comes with us anywhere unless I am going to leave him at day care. However, on this trip he comes everywhere especially when he cannot sleep without it. Woof Woof was a name my hubby gave him since our little one can't say many words and that is what we all call him now. Woof Woof was actually a teddy dog that I gave to my hubby while we were dating for an anniversary present. At the time the dog had a sweater which had "I love you" written in three languages, English, German and Spanish but after my little one got his hands on it the sweater disappeared.  We all need the comfort of home. 

Another item that we could not leave without in our hotel is netflix! Our little boy will only fall asleep with Futurama and having our laptop or phone for him to watch has been a life saver. Our little boy at times gets night terrors and nothing can get him out of it for at least 10 minutes. However, when we put Yo Gabba Gabba or  Futurama on TV it will get him calm enough to were he can become more aware of his surroundings. Travel and time change can be difficult on a little one and we have to make sure they stay happy. Bringing a little bit of home to any place you are staying will help with the adjustment. 

I hope these few tips will help you with traveling with your little toddler.

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