Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chair reupholstering Fabric Tutorial

Are you ready?!


Do you love it? I decided to make this chair a sexy red velvet beauty. My hubby wanted a chair for himself since I use the other chair we reupholstered as my own and since his favorite color is red that's what helped decide on the fabric. I purchased the fabric from Joann's at 60% off during memorial weekend. Its home decor fabric which is more expensive but it's wider. I spent $54 on 4 and half yards of fabric, since I had gotten a gift card for my bday for $15, I only spend $39 out of pocket.  Awesome deal right!?
The only things you will need for this part of the project will be a 
staple gun  
Fabric and Trimm

I measured the fabric to be one piece to go around the entire back of the chair.

Then I folded the rigid edge toward the chair to make a fold. After that I (*Hubby Note* by I, she really means me) just stapled all around the top part of chair. 

All you do after that, since you have one piece of fabric, is to pull tight and staple a row of staples toward the center of the chair. Our chair has a little round bump toward the bottom.  

Once the lower center of the chair is stapled you staple the rest of the fabric under at the bottom of the frame. 

When I began the center of the chair I used two long pieces of fabric and I stapled it in between each foam piece. I was only able to staple at the top of the chair and the bottom because there is no wood in at the center of chair where the foam which is where you would rest your back against.

Now to do the top part of the fabric I cut little slits in the fabric where two different piece of foam meet.

Then I folded each side to hide the ridge edge and staple down. As you can see by the picture I should have done the center of the chair first because now I have extra fabric showing. This means that I had to remove all of the back fabric carefully as to not damage the fabric and re-staple it again once I finished the top part. Urgh...I was not very happy, but I learning as I go!

Now I had this long piece of fabric at each end of the chair. I pull the fabric tight and wrap it around the arm.

Once pulled tight I was able to staple it to the side of the frame.

I decided to do three folds at the top. I had to do this because of the way the arm is curved. Because the arm is curved it leaves extra fabric and this is the way I found that makes it look pretty. Now the hard part starts, I need to make the other arm look the same. I always have a hard time doing this. I find that one arm is always prettier than the other.

Remember in my last post i left the fabric of the old chair attached because there was no way to replace it. Well I just hand sewed on the new fabric to the other piece of fabric. I used U shape sewing needle. I bet there is some fancy name for it, but it just looks like a boomerang to me haha... but I digress. Then once it was sewn I pull it tight and stapled it to the bottom of the chair.

Can u believe I am still not done!
This was my favorite part, I now added the trim to the entire chair. I used two different trims and I used pre-cut and measured black rope trim from Joann's. I spent most of my budget on the trim which is crazy! It made every thing look so much better.

Rope trim 7 yards - $18 with a 30% discount
Double rope trim 5 ( cut by the yard) -  $20 with a 50% coupon I use on different occasions

I place the single rope trim on the inside of the chair and I stapled it to the top and the bottom of the chair.

I also used a double rope trim to cover up were I stapled the single rope. I purchased the double rope to use every where else. It hides the staples very well and I did not have to use messy fabric glue.

Sexy, right!

The last part, and the one part that I hated doing, was sewing the cushion.
I am not very good at sewing and it takes me forever, but it needed to be done.

I use the original cushion fabric and I cut it up as a template. Then I started sewing it which took me about three hours to do. Yeah, I know, blah! I even recycled the zipper of the old cushion.

 I am very happy with the final product.  I really can't believe that I did this chair mostly by myself. The hubby did help some when I needed some muscle or when I got stuck.

Total spent on a free chair was about $90.

I hope the tutorial was helpful and detailed. If you have any questions just let me know I love hearing from you guys. Trust me if I can do it with barely any knowledge of reupholstering so can you!

Till Next time,

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Looks great! Good tutorial, but I think I'll leave my chair to the professionals :)

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This looks great! Good job :)

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Your chair looks good! Reminds me of the thinking chair in Blue's Clues.

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Thanks for the can come and do mine now!
The chair looks nice and comfy, he wont want to get out of it!!

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SayNotSweetAnne said...

This looks just like a crappy IKEA chair hubby and I have had for years. The cats tore it to bits and I would LOVE to re upholster it, but I'm always so afraid to take on a massive project like that. You are an inspiration! Hey, if you have a second I'd love for you to link up to Sweet Sharing Monday!