Friday, March 23, 2012

Monster Sign

I'm back!! I've been super busy this past two  weeks and my hubby has been hogging the computer so I have not been able to post much of anything. What have I been doing? Well I went to a scrapbooking weekend with a group of wonderful women. I got ten layouts done! I am about six months behind on my little monster book scrapbook. I also hurt my hips because I was sitting the whole time I was there. My wonderful friend Erica came over and fixed me up and now I am good as new!

As you all might now by know I love Ikea and I found a white panel for only $5 in there clearance section. The first thing that came to mind was that this would be a wonderful sign. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased wooden letters to spell out my son's nickname. I spray painted the letters in white and the board green. Then I used gorilla glue to attach the letters.

I wanted the sign to have more function so I got clamps at home depot and tide blue yarn around them.

I used an old jar of spaghetti sauce and tightened the clamp around the neck of the jar and glued to the panel. Now I can place keys, crayon or anything my little monster might want.

I also purchase little doggy hangers to hold sweaters or bags of toys.

Thank you for joining me!

Till Later.

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Natasha said...

Cute, although that might make him want to live up to that tittle. Love the colors.

Kathryn Pepper said...

Super cute! I love seeing crafts done for little boys. Thanks for linking it up to Cutesy Monday!


Katie Goldsworthy said...

Great sign! My boys would love this!

Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!

Mindie Hilton said...

Really cute! Would love for you to share you sign at Bacon Time on Friday.

Lish said...

Sweet sign! thanks for linking up to Loves on a Thursday!

LoeLaLoep said...

The sign is very cute! We have those doggy hangers too, I love them ;)

Meg said...

Aw, this is too cute! I love how you covered the hose clamps with yarn. You smartie! Thanks for sharing on Show Off Saturday!!